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It is possible that you will not receive a commitment for your loan. What are the most important criteria for lending? If the collateral, credit rating and credit check are positive, the loan will be approved and you will receive a loan commitment. City council of Bern grants credit for oncoming traffic project. The Waldshut district government has approved the development contract with the integrated urban development contract agreed between the municipality and Combole for the construction area “Ase Unle”.

Loan commitment and approval initially always possible with reservations

Loan commitment and approval initially always possible with reservations

The “okay” of the house bank, ie the loan commitment after a loan application, often leads to the customer banging the cork. The banker is pleased with the response and approval of the desired loan. Why does not the principal bank pay the promised capital despite the credit obligation as agreed?

He relied on customer information in the loan application and there was no reason to doubt the borrower’s data. The pre-financing of the house bank is based on your data! The client should always know that the banker can easily find out what he needs to know about the future contract, be it through the relevant credit agency, the credit bureau or through the documents the candidate must enclose.

You should therefore make no statements or oversubscription regarding your salary, pension or household budget. This also applies to loan applications. Therefore, only provide information in the Internet application and in the subsequent loan agreement that can be reviewed at any time. Consciously incorrect information in contracts may possibly have legal consequences for you.

Finally, when talking with the bank about lending, the banker always comes back to an informed opinion: credit can …. As a rule, the borrower receives his loan promise shortly after the application, if the applicant already has all the necessary information about persons, living conditions and income. Clamme Kasse: If the monthly installments for the loan can no longer be paid:

Credit approved – and now?

Credit approved - and now?

Congratulations, because today it is very difficult to get a loan. You may have already arranged an appointment with the responsible administrator of the house bank. However, it is often not clear which steps of the lending process. Here I would like to give you an insight behind the scenes. If you are informed about the grant, you can be sure that you will receive the loan with great certainty.

Delays in loan processing are otherwise justified by the fact that “the matter is still open”. The bank prepares the contract and security documents. Then the securities are taken up, credit and current accounts are created and the loan amount is counted, ie debited to your bank account and debited from the bank account. Standing orders or debit orders are opened for payment of interest, out-of-pocket and partial payments.

Then everything should go according to your wishes: you pay the partial payments, the bank pays the bills regularly and controls the amortization. If you do not pay the partial payments as planned, the measures will be taken by the house bank. The loan is not repaid by the house bank! How can I do something about it? Why can not I get a loan and what can I do about it?