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As a rule, payment is made at a cash register in the premises of the bank or savings bank. Normally, an account holder or a proxy – but no other third party – can receive cash against receipt on their own withdrawal receipt. But the bank refused to pay. Even with online banking, unexpected additional costs may arise.

For payment transactions, the cash payment is a payment in which the recipient receives money from a daily financial status against receipt. The cash deposit is against the cash payment. Cash payments reduce an existing balance as a debit on the current account and increase an existing debit balance or convert a balance into a debit balance. Payments in the form of economic flow variables [1] include not only cash payments but also the reduction of deposits.

The cash is usually obtained from economic entities (private individuals, self-employed persons, employees or legal entities) from a financial institution. Employees’ cash remuneration, which has been customary in the past few decades using pay sacks, is usually replaced by cashless payments. After inserting the debit card or bank card of the bank and entering the desired amount, the bills are automatically paid to the holder.

The money receiver may be an account owner or a third party.

The money receiver may be an account owner or a third party.

The payment process usually takes place at a cash desk in the premises of the bank or savings bank. Normally, an account owner or agent – but not any other third party – can withdraw money against receipt on a separate payout slip. An attestation is usually by signature, in some cases by the additionally presented identity card.

In general, it is necessary to present a fully completed personal check signed by the account owner or authorized signatory. The check amount will then be paid in the amount you selected. Companies, traders and other institutions announce their larger orders and the desired denomination in advance. For savings transactions, the removal of a savings account requires the presentation of a savings account.

Anyone who makes such an application is usually considered legitimate for the receipt of the money. A cash payment may also be made, for example, if a private bank customer wishes to raise the corresponding value for an approved installment loan in cash. On receipt of payment, you will not only find the customer’s cash receipt, but also the internal payment order to the cashier by an authorized bank employee.

Cash payments

Cash payments

The cash payment in a table business involves the remuneration for the purchase of banknotes and coins, of precious metal (in the form of coins of silver or silver, medals, bars), travel checks or securities by credit card. Cash payments are also made in foreign currency. The bank will then sell banknotes and coins. Private individuals traveling abroad use it to obtain cash for purchases or other costs in the host country.

The consideration for the sale of the variety is either deducted from his bank account or paid by him in local currency as the buyer wishes. The bank, for its part, has cash notes and / or tokens paid out by the responsible state central bank in the Federal Republic of Germany via its Dundebank branch. As part of their cash management, they have the denominations they need to make money available to their customers. Second

Payment may be made in cash to the creditor or to a body designated by the creditor at each paying agent of Denfor bank or Denfor bank. This is a matter of course in the Federal Republic of Germany for payments from USD 10,000 (10 para. 3 no. 2 Money Laundering Act) or banknotes and coins worth USD 2,500 ((!) 25,000 para. 1 German Banking Act).